New Tracker Prime 2.0
This is the latest version of Prime. Boasting a larger internal GPS
antenna and a new 3G modem and the ability to store 10 thousand positions, great when GPRS may not be available.
The new Prime is simply stunning in its performance. Boasting the very latest GPS receiver from UBlox and using a new 3G modem, the Prime simply pours out performance even under extreme conditions.
The Prime 2.0 can store 10 thousand positions on its internal memory, this is great when GPRS is not available. The Prime will simply store it and send the data to our servers when the network does become available. Another good reason why the prime performs to a high standard is because of the size of the internal GPS antenna, this has also contributed towards a device that can get a GPS position when its placed in difficult environments.
To be able to switch a device off completely from your panel and inform a device to only wake every x hours, not only enhances battery life to many months but also makes it difficult to detect when completely off. This is a great feature for those wanting to protect assets. The Prime 2.0 can also be switched to a normal live tracker sending its locations from 5 seconds if required. Simply click the “battery save off” and the panel will inform you when the device is due to wake and return to a normal live tracker, this is shown via a clock on the panel.

The Prime 2.0 is simply a great all rounder that can be connected to a vehicle or used to simply track live or to be informed to only report every x hours, it has a panic feature and the product is built to a very high standard.
Open the box and switch on and you are tracking live, you may want to purchase the magnetic pouch for the Prime 2.0. This allows you to place the prime under your vehicle and enjoy live tracking. Our tests show that on average its 1.8 seconds behind real time.
New features and improvements:
• Modem 3G
• New battery capacity: 2000mAh
• Micro Sim Card
• ST 3-Axis sensitive motion detection
• External GPS receiver 25x25mm, 118″ cable
• Enhanced GPS Performance 3-5dB
• High sensitivity GPS antenna
• Connection for external GPS antenna
• More resistant
• New design, attractive design and more resistant

Tracker : 65 x 42 x 25 (mm)
Antenna : Length : 3m / GPS antenna : 25 x 25 (mm)

The new Tracker Prime
Charger (+USB charger) mini USB standard
External GPS Antena (length: 118″ (3m)/ Support sticker)
Available: 50 positions and 10 SMS credits

• buttons easily accessible.
• New material, handling easier.
• Modern design for optimal use.
• Port External antenna integrated.
• Connect the charger in standard mini USB.
• Returns 6 GSM mask locations. (optional extra showing Global GSM location)

Tracker battery life :
Normal mode : 15 days

With “battery save mode” :
1 position per day : 14 months
2 positions per day : 7 months
3 positions per day : 5 months
4 positions per day : 4 months

Connect the external antenna on your vehicle