Sportlite's Super Deluxe Harnesses are manufactured in top quality, high tenacity polypropylene webbing and 316 marine quality stainless steel, thus ensuring that they can cope with the high demands placed on them by commercial parasailing operators.

Sportlite has also incorporated many new features into their harnesses to ensure that they are now the safest to use worldwide.

Following the introduction of parasailing boats Sportlite customers started requesting a more comfortable harness as they were now offering longer rides. Sportlite came up with the Super-Deluxe version.

The Super Deluxe harness is reinforced with extra webbing, incorporating a wide seat strap with larger more comfortable pads and it ensures that anyone using it is in a sitting position:-

it really is the "armchair" harness for parasailing.


Super Deluxe Harnesses are available in the following sizes and for ease of use we now colour code all our harness by using different colour wraps at the bottom of the hooks:

Harness Size Wrap Colour Harness Size Wrap Colour
  Child    Yellow    Teenager    Green 
  Standard    Red    Large    Blue 
  Extra Large    Purple    Extra Extra Large    Black 

Harnesses in all of the above sizes are readily available either separately or with your chosen parasail.

A small up-grade charge is made on sizes larger than standard when purchased with parasails.