Sportlite only use top quality materials for all of our manufacturing. Below is a look at some of the materials that is required to make our parasails and harnesses. We have also included some colour charts to give you an idea of the variety of colours on offer for you to choose from.
3" Webbing
2" Webbing
All of the webbing used has a high durability and strength. Which makes it a safe and secure option for our harnesses.
Made from 1.3oz or 1.6oz ripstop nylon with a double sided silicone coating, which makes it very light, but very strong. Ideal for larger sized parasails. All colours shown are subject to availability.
New Sportlite Spectra

Our New 36gram 6.6 ripstop nylon double silicone coated fabric
has our highest strength to weight ratio for improved opening proformance.
Its 70% the weight of our 1.6oz fabric and includes the latest improved UV inhibitor.

Availible in the same colours as our 1.6oz fabric

Take Advantage Of Spectra Today


Sportline High Tenacity Polypropylene line
7mm Lines
5.5mm Lines
Combining superb handling with strength, the pre-stretching process ensures all our lines are cut to the exact size of each parasail, eliminating the possibility of any bias in our parasails.
Various, bright modern colours for easy identification in use.
Ladder Loc buckles like the one illustrated here are used on all of our harnesses, they are simple and easy to use and are made from a strong industrial strength plastic, with a breaking strain of 250kg.
Sportlite Parasails Buckles
Sportlite Parasails Apex Ring Sportlite Parasails D Ring
Apex Ring D Ring
Sportlite Parasails Snap Hook Sportlite Parasails Tow Yoke Square
Snap Hooks Tow Yoke Square
Sportlite manufacture their own Stainless Steel components using 316 Marine Quality Stainless Steel. This ensures that we have the exact requirements needed for producing our parasails and harnesses.