At Sportlite we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers an extensive range of parasails to compliment their operations and cope with their individual requirements.
Whether you require a small high wind parasail to launch from a beach or a large maximum lift parasail to fly a gondola system off the back of a winch boat.
Sportlite can help by offering you a choice of
8 Different Sizes
All our parasails are manufactured from 1.3oz or 1.6oz double sided silicone which combines traditional ripstop nylon with the revolutionary coating of our silicone material.

This gives our customers a light, strong parasail ideal for all operations but especially winch boat operations.

We offer a choice of colour and design at no extra charge and at present we are able to offer 13 different colours. See our material specifications for availability.

As this is such a versatile material we can offer a full range of sizes:

21ft-Sport 24ft-Standard 26ft-Flyer
28ft- Maxum 30ft-Trident 32ft-Titan
34ft-Trojan 36ft-Olympic 38ft-Goliath



Each Sportlite parasail, whatever size, comes complete with the following extras as standard:

  SUPER DELUXE HARNESS - colour coded you choose the size.
  TRIMLITE SYSTEM - Sportlite's unique trimming system, so if necessary you can Trim your parasail in seconds, no more messing with pegs, knots or finely adjusting zips.
  INDIVIDUAL RIGGING LINES - All our rigging lines are now attached individually, which means operators can immediately replace broken lines.
  DOUBLE TOW SYSTEM - Tow system has two separate harness attachment points fitted on all 28ft, 32ft, 34ft, 36ft and 38ft parasails. (Optional on 26ft at no extra cost).
  COLOUR CODING - Colour coded tow yoke to show size of parasail, colour coded line tabs to show front & back and port (left) & starboard (right) sides, colour coded lines - front, centre and regular lines are all different colours.
  STUFF BAG - Strong durable Stuff Bag for quick and easy storage.
  INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Full Instruction Manual (also available on CD Rom)
Harnesses given with parasails can be up-graded by size just let us know your requirements when you place your order.
 21ft – Sport - A single person parasail ideal for operators who have to cope with higher winds.
24ft – Standard -  A single person parasail which offers versatility for operators and is a good standard size parasail for any operation.
26ft – Flyer - Designed for single flyers in low winds this parasail can also be fitted with a double yoke and used for flying two people in higher winds.
28ft – Maxum - The first ever parasail designed specifically for double flights it comes complete with a double yoke that gives separate harness points for each flyer. As with the 24ft Standard parasail this parasail is a good standard parasail for double flights for any operation.
32ft - Titan - A double parasail, again fitted with a double yoke as standard, this parasail is ideal for double or triple flights when using the Duolite Weightshift Bar System.
34ft – Trojan - A parasail specifically designed for triple flights it is also ideal for double flights in low winds.
36ft – Olympic and 38ft - Goliath - Both of these parasails have been designed specifically for use with gondola systems that are launched from winch boats. They can be fitted with customers own attachment requirements and they offer gondola operators the same versatility as our other sized parasails do to regular operators.


We can custom build any of our parasails with corporate/company logo’s and names.