You may find that after flying your new parasail a few times it appears to fly to one side, this is what we call "bias". This may happen and is normally due to the parasail stretching. Any experienced operator can easily rectify this problem.

Trim one side only

The trim adjusters on a Sportlite parasail are the the ones in  GREEN  and  RED . They come from the bottom of the risers, right and left. Approx 7.6cm (3") to 12.69cm (5") should be enough to trim your parasail. Only trim the opposite side to the bias. Always test fly the parasail after any trimming.
No other lines should be used to trim a Sportlite Parasail.
Trim the lines on the opposite side to the bias. So if the parasail is flying to the left you trim the right line and vice-versa.
If you experience any further problems or you are in any doubt with regard to your Sportlite Parasail then please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.